OP Notify FAQs

How do I learn about OP Notify?

OP Notify TM is an all-in-one patient communication platform powered by industry-leading technology and fully integrated with OP's EHR solution. With OP Notify, you'll be able to increase parent satisfaction, staff performance and practice revenue.

Interested in learning more, please contact your Account Manager directly or the team at solutions@officepracticum.com.

Can OP Notify send recalls based on preferred language?

The integration between OP and InteliChart for OP Notify recalls (initiated out of the Demographic Analysis/Recall) can use language as part of the report criteria. The first phase of OP Notify will not include recall notifications. Continue to use PMX or the practice preferred method of communication.

Can OP Notify send attachments with an email?

Attachments cannot be sent with an email notification. However, you may include a link to a file stored on your website.

Can OP Notify messages be customized?

Each message can be customized based upon practice, location, appointment type and provider. In addition, the practice will create their own templates that can be branded to include a logo, images, and other elements.

Is there a report that shows incorrect email addresses and phone numbers?

There is a report in InteliChart's practice portal that can be run at anytime that will show incorrect email addresses and phone numbers.

Can I send an individual text message using OP Notify?

OP Notify cannot reach out to individual patients. However, the functionality inside Office Practicum using the mobile phone button will continue to work.

What communication methods are available with OP Notify?

Using InteliChart for OP Notify you may use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) calls, email and text messages.

Is OP Notify mobile friendly?

OP Notify can contact the parent using calls, texts or emails. These methods can all can be received on the parent's mobile device.

Do I need to create an appointment report in OP to send to InteliChart?

No appointment reports will need to be generated by the practice. OP Notify is integrated with Office Practicum so that real-time Demographic and Scheduling information is available.

Can a reminder message be sent if an appointment is confirmed?

Appointment reminder messages will be sent regardless of whether the appointment has been confirmed or not. A practice should decide which type of visit may be beneficial to send the additional reminder. For example, it may be beneficial to send a reminder for new patient and well visit appointments but not sick visits since these are typically scheduled close to the actual appointment.

Can a practice with a Practice Management interface use OP Notify?

For the best experience with notifications, practices should consider using their Practice Management vendor. The Practice Management vendor "owns" the demographics. Though information is sent to OP across the Practice Management interface there may be data integrity issues. For example, the interface allows for only one phone number and does not accept email addresses.

If a practice chooses to use OP Notify as a solution, the practice can choose to do so. Please contact your Client Advocate for further discussion.

Can I use OP Notify without a Patient Portal?

A practice can use OP Notify even if they do not have a Patient Portal.

Where does a confirmed appointment appear in OP?

An appointment that has been confirmed will show Confirmed in the Confirm Status field on the Tracking tab of the Schedule and Practice Workflow window. 

Can a reminder be sent with OP Notify prior to an appointment?

An appointment notification can be sent up to one hour prior to an appointment. If an appointment is cancelled or rescheduled, InteliChart receives updates from OP that prevent a notification from being sent.

How will I know if an appointment has been cancelled using OP Notify?

Cancelled appointments, using OP Notify, will send a message to staff in the OP Department IC Appointment Requests. The cancelled appointment messages will be visible in the Unread Portal tab of the Message Center in OP. Additionally the Billing Status, for the cancelled appointment, will automatically change to Cancelled. It is the responsibility of the practice to contact the parent/patient and reschedule the appointment.

For information on how to properly setup the OP Notify Appointment Events, review the OP Notify: Create Appointment Events QRG.

Can OP Notify send announcements and urgent messages?

Announcements and urgent messages can be sent for all patients that have had an appointment within a specified time frame. 

For example, you want to send an announcement to all active patients. Your practice defines an active patient as having an appointment within the last 12 months. You would select all patients within the time frame and send the message to that group.

Are confirmations delivered for announcements upon receipt?

You will be able to see whether or not the communication delivery was successful through reporting, but you cannot receive appointment confirmations through announcements.

Are OP Notify Messages HIPAA compliant?

The content in messages is fully customizable, therefore all content put into messages should be HIPAA compliant.

Will OP Notify recognize if voicemail is not set up or if it is a wrong number?

If the voicemail has not been set up, then the call will show as unsuccessful. If a wrong number is on file, but it is still a valid phone number with voicemail set up, then it will show as successful.

Who records voice messages for phone calls sent out by OP Notify?

Voice calls are created with a cutting-edge, text-to-speech voice that is both clear and pleasant.

Can we determine when we want notifications to go out to patients?

All communications can be tied to delivery windows to ensure that you’re contacting your patients when you’re most likely to reach them successfully.

Can we edit messages that are being delivered on the fly?

You can control what messages go out for each appointment type.  You can change these at any time.

Currently when an appointment is confirmed, it triggers a CHADIS survey to flow to the patient portal. Will this change?

Currently, CHADIS surveys will be sent to the portal for clients using OP Notify for reminders. Surveys will no longer be triggered when an appointment is confirmed but sent seven days in advance of an appointment. If your practice wishes to send surveys less or more than seven days, please call Support.

When will reminders be sent?

Information for reminders must be available in OP by 7:59 am to be sent using OP Notify.

Will I need to purchase message credits to send recall reminders?

Sending recall reminders will continue to use PMX. Buying and using credits is removed for OP Notify clients. All credits needed to send reminders will be subsidized by Office Practicum.

If a parent opts out of receiving text messages, can that parent opt back in?

A parent would need to call the practice. Only the OP Notify Practice Administrator can change the setting to opt a patient back in. To opt a parent back into receiving messages:

  1. Access OP Notify using the email address and password set up through your account activation.
  2. Click Patient Administration.
  3. Enter all or part of the patients last name and/or first name in the Search Patients panel.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. Locate and select the patient.
  6. Select the Notifications tab.
  7. Click the red X on the line until a checkmark appears to opt in for that delivery method.

Can OP Notify send one reminder for family appointments?

OP Notify can send one reminder if multiple siblings are scheduled for an appointment at the same location on the same day using the Consolidated Message feature. For more information on using this feature, click here.

If I change information in OP Notify will it update in OP?

Data flow is unidirectional where data flows from OP to OP Notify. Changes in OP Notify (such as names, addresses, and phone numbers) will not flow back to OP. 

What are the character limits for OP Notify Events delivery methods?

  • Call (Voice Message): 1000 characters
  • Call (Recording Message): 1000 characters
  • Text: 160 characters
  • Email: No character limit

Can Notification Caps be changed?

The default Notification Caps cannot be changed by the OP Notify Practice Administrator. If the practice wishes to change the default settings they must contact OP Support. 

How do I enable call reminders in Spanish in OP Notify?

InteliChart Version 3.5.7 (released 06-May-2019) adds support for multilingual languages to calls in OP Notify. After this feature is enabled, end users can write a voicemail message in English and OP Notify automatically translates that message into Spanish.

The Add Multilingual Languages to Calls in OP Notify feature includes:

  • Calls created through events or campaigns can now be delivered in Spanish.
  • Calls are delivered in the language that’s specified in the patient’s preferred language setting.
  • A language column was added to PopulationHealth and PatientNotify reports as a metric.

With this enhancement, when Practices select Spanish as the Preferred Language for the contact receiving the call, end users can then write the voice message in English (in PatientNOTIFY Events), click the Spanish tab, and click the Active button to have OP Notify automatically translate the message into Spanish before sending. 

Note: This enhancement applies only when Phone Call is selected in the Call Type field. 

For details on how this update enhances your OP Notify workflow, please refer to the resources listed below.

Articles in the OP Help Center:

QRGs in the OP Help Center:

How do I ensure OP Notify is pronouncing the names of Providers correctly?

InteliChart Version 3.5.7 (released 06-May-2019) adds support for the phonetic spelling of Provider names in OP Notify. This feature helps to ensure that the name of the Provider mentioned in voicemails is pronounced correctly. 

The Add Phonetic Spelling Fields to Provider Administration for OP Notify feature includes:

  • Phonetic Name fields have been added to Provider Administration in the Practice Portal.
  • A play button allows the practice to play back the pronunciation.
  • If the practice chooses to enter the Phonetic Name, Notify will use the phonetic name spelling to pronounce the Provider Name when sending voice calls.
  • Phonetic Name fields are not required.

This enhancement helps to ensure that voicemail communication pronounces the names of Providers correctly by allowing the end user to spell the name phonetically (in the Phonetic Name field on the Add New Staff window). Clicking the Play button activates a voice playback that pronounces the name as spelled. This Play feature allows the end user to modify the phonetic spelling until the pronunciation is exact. 

Note: This enhancement is available only when the Provider radio button is selected as the User Type

For details on how this update enhances your OP Notify workflow, please refer to the resources listed below.

Articles in the OP Help Center:

QRGs in the OP Help Center:

Once an event is active, will notification be sent?

Once you have toggled an event to On, the event will require an overnight to process before becoming active. You can confirm the event process by selecting Notification Reports in the Reports group. For information on running the Notification Reports, click here.

How can I see notifications not sent?

You can view which notifications were not sent from Notification Reports by following the steps below.

  1. Click Notification Reports in the Reports group.
  2. Click Run Report for the report name Patient NOTIFY Appointment Reminders.
  3. Set the parameters for the report. It is important to select one or both of the date filters. All other filters are optional.
  4. Click Run Report.
  5. Click the Columns drop-down and click the checkbox for Reason Not Sent.

Common reasons notifications are not sent:
  • Missing Contact Information: Check Family Contacts and confirm the contact receiving the notification has Authority set to Joint or Exclusive, the Res? checkbox selected and the Reminders field is not blank or set to No Contact.
  • Capacity Met: In OP Notify, the Notification Cap is set to 1. This means, only 1 notification can be sent to the contact, per day. The contact qualified to receive more than 1 notification.

How do I send OP Notify appointment reminders to a patient when they reach 18?

Once a patient reaches the age of maturity, you can modify the parent contact record to no longer receive notifications. Follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Family Contacts: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart > Family Contacts.
  2. Select the contact record and change Authority to None or Emergency.
  3. Click the Save button.

Add the patient to the Family Contacts to receive notifications, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate to Family Contacts: Clinical, Practice Management or Billing tab > Patient Chart > Family Contacts.
  2. Click the Add button and complete the information in the window.
  • Preferred Contact Methods: Click the drop-down in Reminders and select how the reminder will be sent.
  • Role/Reason: Click the drop-down and select Self.
  • Authority: Click the drop-down and select Exclusive.
  • Res?: Click the checkbox in the reside column.
  1. Click the Save button.

For detailed information on adding Family Contacts, click here.