OP Notify: Notification Reports

Version 20.16
Path: InteliChart Practice Portal > Navigation Panel > Reports > Notification Reports


Notification Reports can be useful for determining the most successful ways to deliver Appointment Reminders and On-Demand Notifications to your patients. It's important to understand that the purpose of Notification Reports is solely to provide transmission metrics and cannot assume incorrect or invalid contact information in OP. The following reports are available to Practice Staff who have an OP Notify account and have the Patient Notify Reporting permissions. A detailed video demonstrating the workflow for running a Notification Report can be found below.

  • Patient Notify Appointment Reminder report: Shows the total number of Appointment Reminder Notifications sent according to the filters set at the top of the window. In addition to general information, such as Event Name, Reminder Method, and Appointment Date, the report also includes the Result of the Reminder.
  • Patient Notify On-Demand Notifications report: Shows the total number of On-Demand Notifications sent according to the filters set at the top of the window. Details contained in this report include Event Details, Method, the Result of the notification, and the Reason if the notification couldn't be sent.
  • Billing Reminder report: Only available to Practices that have enabled the Bill Pay feature.

Summary of Steps

  1. Navigate to Reports by following the path above. The available reports and a brief definition of each is displayed on-screen.
  2. Click the Run Report button for the report you will run.
  3. (Required) Select a date range in the Reporting Period fields.
  4. (Optional) Select a date France in the Appointment Date fields.
  5. Complete the optional fields to further specify your report criteria. These can be reset by using the Reset Filters button.
  6. Click the Run Report button.
  7. (Optional) Click the Export button to export the report to Excel.

Detailed Video

  Tip: To enlarge the video, double-click it, or click the Fullscreen button. When you're done viewing, press Esc to exit fullscreen mode.