OP Notify to PMX+ Automated Messages Migration: What You Need to Know


The functionality previously delivered via OP Notify and OP's Patient Message eXchange is being improved so that you can manage all of your patient messaging for reminders and recalls directly from within OP. 

Current OP Notify users will be migrated to the new PMX+ Automated Messages service, meaning you and your team will no longer need to log into a separate system when you want to make changes— all settings and configurations will now be available directly in OP. 

Bringing this functionality in-house means quick and easy template setup, reducing the time it takes to set up automation, and also enables us to release improvements and updates, such as new templates, more frequently.

Table of Contents:

What Can I Do To Prepare?

Now that the migration process is underway, there are several things you and your team can do to prepare:

  1. Review all PMX+ related communications and ensure each is forwarded to the member(s) of your team responsible for managing your OP Notify settings.
  2. Those team members should review all educational content available and prepare any questions they may have.
  3. They can then review the recorded PMX+ Webinar hosted by the Training Team.
  4. For On-Prem customers: Be sure that you are on the most up-to-date versions of OP and OPEN, with PMX+ specifically requiring the following:
    • OP v22.2+
    • OPEN v22.6+

What Do We Need To Do After Migration Begins?

To simplify the setup process, we’ll be importing your global settings from Intelichart into OP for you, so after you’ve received your email notifying you that your practice has had PMX+ Automated Messages turned on, you can begin the process of reviewing those settings and selecting your new templates. 

The entire migration process should take just four easy steps:

You can watch a more detailed overview of this process in our new quick tip video.

How Do I Disable OP Notify Events in Intelichart? (New!)

Disabling your OP Notify settings in Intelichart is painless, straightforward, and can be done in minutes. 

To disable your Events:

  1. From your main Dashboard after logging into Intelichart, select Patient Notify on the left navigation.
  2. Click on Events.
  3. Any events that are currently active should be disabled by toggling the button to the Off position.

Note: We highly recommend that you disable (following the instructions above) rather than delete your events so that you can retain the ability to run reports on any of your previous Notify activity.

Why Is This Migration Happening?

Integrating the functionality previously delivered out of an external platform prompts so many benefits for your team, from both a workflow and feature perspective.

What Resources Do I Have Access To?

We have myriad resources to support you and your team as you prepare for and complete this migration process, including help articles and videos, and a recorded webinar.

Help Content
Written/Video documentation 
Automated Messages Setup and Permissions
Reporting and Tracking Automated Messages
Parent/Patient Experience (Quick Tip Video)
PMX+ Automated Messages On-Demand Webinar

General Tips and Recommendations

When reviewing your global settings and selecting your templates for the first time, here are some general tips and recommendations that may help you further optimize your use of PMX+.

  • Create a group for the permission Messaging_View_Automated_Messages to be set for anyone in the office outside of the system admin that may also need access to automated messages.
  • Set the hours for automated messages to queue so that they match your practice’s office hours - i.e. set for 5pm if the practice closes then so that the patient/caregiver does not receive any messages after 5pm.
    • This helps ensure that someone is there if they need to call the practice with a question.
  • Set cancellation requests to be processed automatically rather than requiring your staff to intervene to manually update the schedule each time.
  • Create a new group specifically set to receive the notifications automatically sent when cancellation requests are received.
    • This could be the same group set up for the permissions in the first recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my patients be contacted?

Phone numbers that patients/caregivers will receive messages (call or text) from:

  • English: 1-855-654-2681
  • Spanish: 1-855-604-1055

Why can’t we free-write our automated messages?

Our Product team went through a rigorous vetting process with the new templates to ensure they are compliant with the CAN SPAM Act to maximize delivery rates and minimize rejections for SPAM, helping to ensure your patients and their caregivers receive the messages you send.

On-demand messages can still be created under the Personalized Messages tab in PMX, however these messages cannot be automated. We are seeking your feedback on any additional templates that your practice uses frequently for recurring or automated messages so that they may be incorporated in future releases.

Are there any plans to…

  • Automate patient recalls? Yes! We are planning to automate recalls in a future phase of this project.
  • Add more languages besides Spanish? Yes! We are currently scoping out the top requested languages.