OP Patient Portal Applications: Flu Clinic -- Creating a Flu Clinic in OP 14

Version 14.10

Creating a Flu Clinic in OP 14

Before creating this, you must have a Flu Clinic Appointment Type set up.

Preparing a Flu Clinic in OP 14

To set up a self-scheduling flu clinic on the portal, you must first create a space in the schedule for it. This example will show a flu clinic on a Friday from 10:00am to 12:00pm, with 2 patients seen per 10 minutes.

  1. In Office Practicum, go to the Schedule screen and choose the day of the clinic.
  2. Double-click or right-click and select "Add appointment" for the time slot just before you want to begin the flu clinic block. In our example, the flu clinic starts at exactly 10:00am.
  1. Here you create the flu clinic block header. The Appointment Text must contain two numbers, the first being the number of patients handled and the second being the time span.
  1. A few valid examples:
  • "6 patients every 10 minutes"; "3 per 15"; "Flu Clinic 2 patients every 10 minutes"
  1. A few invalid examples:
  • "six patients every ten minutes"; "3 patients"; "Fall Flu Clinic"
  1. Set the Appointment Type to "FLU CLINIC".
  2. Click "Save"
  3. Now that a header has been created, it needs a footer. This signifies the end of a flu clinic. Choose the time slot just after you want to end the flu clinic for the footer. In our example the flu clinic ends at 12:00pm, so we choose the 12:00 slot for the footer. Double-click the time slot to add the footer.

  1. The footer requires an Appointment Type of "FLU CLINIC" just like the header, but does not need any Appointment Text. You may put anything in Appointment Text, such as "Flu clinic end".

That's it. You can now configure the Flu Clinic Application if needed and patients may begin self-scheduling.