OP Patient Portal Applications: Manage Features -- Application Usage

Version 14.10

Manage Features - Application Usage

Initial Setup Wizard

The Manage Features Application has two "Modes". Upon logging in as the administrator for the first time and clicking on the "Administration" page in the sidebar, you will see the Initial Setup screen.

Choosing one of the five options on this screen and clicking submit will create the pages for Online Patient Services.

The wizard will create the pages for you, but some pages require configuration. Be sure to setup through each page under Online Patient Services and check if the features require configuration.

Activating and Deactivating Features

After the initial setup wizard is complete, the Manage Features page will show the Feature Toggle screen.

The Feature Toggle screen serves as a list of all available Patient Portal functions. To get a more detailed explanation of any of these functions, simply click on the application you want to see.

You can read a basic description what the application does, as well as a link that will bring you to this help website for more information on each individual application. This is also the area that will allow you to toggle each one. For applications that are already on, you will click the "Deactivate" button to deactivate. Alternatively, you will click "Activate" for applications that are not currently active.

Deactivating a feature erases all of your saved settings for that feature.
Also, if you delete the following features: Billing and Statements, Allergies, or Appointments you will experience the page not working correctly. Please contact support at 1-800-218-9916 to resolve this issue.