OP Patient Portal Applications: Register Family

Version 14.10

Register Family

The Register Family Application lets users register themselves and their children with your office, directly creating data and patient charts in Office Practicum.

Meaningful Use: Optional
You must collect Extended  Demographic information in order to qualify for Meaningful Use funding.  Some pediatric practices prefer not to request this information via the  web, and would rather obtain this information confidentially and  privately within their office. If you choose to do so, you can turn off  Extended Demographics collection with this OP Patient Portal Applications: Register Family -- Administration panel.

You may need this application
This application  collects information about your patients, and allows parents to register  them online. If you do not want your practice's members to register  online, or you handle online registration via a different method, then  you may not need this application. Otherwise, this application is  REQUIRED in order for your patient portal to function.

What's New in this Version?

There were no new features added in this version.