OP Patient Portal Applications: Statements

Version 14.10


The Statements Application allows the portal user to see a list of open charges and digital copies of billing statements that are currently due, or have previously been paid. 

Background Information

The Statements Application enables the portal user to keep track of all billing statements that are either pending, or have already been paid.

What's New in This Version?

There are no new features in this version.

Application Usage

When the user views the Statements application, they will find that it's split into two sections: Unpaid Charges and Billing Statements.

  • Unpaid Charges - This lists the outstanding charges for each patient of the current Contact. When the charge is paid and the daysheet is run in Office Practicum, this list will be updated.
  • Billing Statements - Billing statements are actual documents (such as a pdf or image) that the user can download to review by clicking the View  link.


There are no administrative options in this application. Billing is managed within Office Practicum.