OP Patient Portal Applications: Tasks -- Adding Resources Using the OP Patient Portal -- Making a Handout Appear on the OP Patient Portal for a Patient

Version 14.10

Making a Handout Appear on the Portal for a Patient

If you want to add a handout to the Patient Portal for a Patient to view, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Patient's Chart and click on the Tasks button, followed by the + Orders button. This will open up the Order Worksheet Window.

  1. In the Order Worksheet window, click on the Resources (Res) button and begin typing the Handout name in the text box.

  1. Select the Handout from the list, change the department to Patient, and click on the + (Plus Sign) button to Add the Handout to the Portal.

  1. On the Patient Portal under Online Patient Services, the Handout will appear with a link for the Parent to click on.