OP Patient Portal Applications: Update Contact Information -- Background Information

Version 14.10

Update Contact Information - Background Information

The Update Contact Information Application allows the user who is currently logged-in to update their personal contact information. This application allows the user to do so at their own leisure, without having to notify the office, and without having to come in and fill out forms during a visit.

When the user updates any of the information on this form, it automatically stores the new information in the Contact table in Office Practicum. This eliminates the need for your office staff to enter change of address or contact information by hand. The idea behind this application is that the users themselves should be keeping track of their own contact information, since they are the ones that know it best.

Some of the main tools this application gives the user are the editing of names, addresses, phone numbers, preferred contact methods, and the association of these changes with connected secondary contacts and patients.

Note that these changes pertain to information stored in Office Practicum. There is a separate application for updating portal-specific account information, entitled the Account Information Application.