OP Patient Portal Applications: Write Message -- Administration

Version 14.10

Write Message - Administration

This article will instruct you how to manage your message settings for the Patient Portal. You will learn how to assign the appropriate staff members or departments who should receive messages that are sent to your practice from the Portal.

  1. Log into the Patient Portal as an Admin.
  2. Click the Messages tab located under Online Patient Services.

  1. In the Write Message bar, click the wrench .
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Determine how users will send messages by selecting a radio button from one of the two options below.

Note: The second option should be selected when messages sent from the Patient Portal will be sent to an entire department.
  1. Select the staff member(s) and/or department(s) that will be responsible for receiving messages from the Patient Portal. Individual staff members are listed in the first list and departments are listed in the second list. Departments must be established in OP 14 for this functionality to work properly. To learn how to create departments, click here.  
Note: For multi-location practices, ensure that staff members who should receive messages as part of a department are assigned to all locations that could be part of a patient's medical home. Otherwise, the staff member may not receive all the necessary messages for a patient.
  1. Click Submit to save your work.