OP Patient Portal: Glossary -- Message-Based Application

Version 14.10

OP Patient Portal: Glossary -- Message-Based Application

The term Message-Based Application refers to any of the portal applications that will send secure messages to the Office Practicum Message Manager. Secure Messaging allows your patients to stay in contact with you about non-urgent medical questions that otherwise might come in as a triage call over the phone. It differs from email because patients must be logged into a secure session, and provides HIPAA compliance for what is discussed through the portal.

This isn't necessarily limited to just the Messages and Write Message applications; many of our applications will send notifications to the office staff if they are configured to do so. Message-based applications can be configured to notify specific staff members that an item sent from the application needs attention, or a response. Messages sent from these applications will appear in Office Practicum as a Red Phone message.

When using Office Practicum, you can view secure messages from the portal by opening the Messages screen and selecting the "Unread Portal" tab.

If you have configured one of the message-based applications to send messages to multiple staff members in Office Practicum, once one of the staff members has marked a portal message as "read", the message will also be marked as "read" for the other staff members, removing it from the red phone queue. This functionality helps with creating a message-based triage system.