OP Patient Portal (InteliChart) Unveiling FAQs

What are the new portal features at-a-glance?

Great question! As you know, we have been working diligently to make the new OP Patient Portal an all-encompassing solution for your practice! Check out the OP Patient Portal Features At-A-Glance to read through a summary of some of the newest portal features! It includes high-level information about:

  • Sending Surveys to the Patient Portal
  • Sending Documents to the Patient Portal
  • Receiving Document Requests from the Patient Portal
  • New Patient Self-Registration on the Patient Portal
  • and Live Scheduling!

What is the new OP Portal?

We are excited to bring to market our new Patient Portal, powered by InteliChart. Many of you have been waiting for a long time, and we know that this pediatric-focused portal will truly enhance your patient engagement strategy.

I implemented the InteliChart Portal for Meaningful Use, now what should I do?

You aren’t alone! In fact, 250 OP Clients are already on-boarded with the InteliChart portal. Some of the features you heard about and see today, you are already using. Others will be new, and will replace the workarounds you have been using as you’ve had both portals running. We will be moving you to this fully operational portal by July 31st. At that time, we will then work with you as we turn off your old Patient Portal to streamline your practice and patient experience.

What does Implementation of the Portal look like?

For most of our practices, it has been anywhere from 2-4 weeks. Our configuration team will prepare the new database for you, and move your practice data to the new system. They’ll share with you Data Governance information to ensure your patient data is accurate and consistent. After that, you’ll continue to work through your Portal Learning Journey as we set a Practice Go Live date. Four weeks after you go live on the new Patient Portal, we will turn off access to your old Patient Portal to reduce patient and practice confusion.

What will it cost to use the InteliChart Portal?

There is a one-time setup fee of $1,500. Your Client Solutions Manager will be able to guide you through this, and inform our Implementation Teams that you are ready to schedule a Go Live and get started!

Who do practices need to contact to get this new InteliChart Portal Functionality?

Reach out to your Client Solutions Manager directly, or you can email solutions@officepracticum.com if you aren't sure!

Can practices choose which Portal Features to opt into?

Yes, practices can custom configure what features they choose to activate. 

What are the actions that practices need to take before implementation can begin?

Before we begin your portal implementation, please complete the Data Integrity Checklist (part of your configuration survey results). It is important for the practice to understand how data should be managed in OP in order for it to sync up with the new InteliChart Portal.

What training/support exists for newly implemented practices?

We offer a fully outlined Portal Learning Journey on the OP Help Center. 

  • Practices may also purchase ILT sessions for more hands-on learning with one of our trainers. 
  • If there are data-related issues during implementation of your portal and the practice has questions about Data Integrity or how to complete the Configuration Survey, they can reach out to implementation via email at implementation@officepracticum.com. 
  • Once the practice has access to the portal,  they are encouraged to reach out to OP Support if they have any support issues.