OP Patient Portal Learning Journey

About the Journey

Each Course in this journey contains short, topic-based Lessons to teach you the skills you need to implement and manage a successful Patient Portal. After completing the last Lesson in each Course, you'll have the opportunity to take a Knowledge Check to test what you've learned in the Course. To make the most of your learning experience, we encourage you to replicate the setup and workflows you're learning in your Practice's portal using your Test Patients. 

Journey Key and Itinerary

We know that each Practice is different, as are the Roles within each Practice. While all Courses are not applicable to everyone, it is important that each staff member understands how to interact with the Patient Portal from OP, as defined by their Role(s) in the Practice. We recommend that you and/or your Practice's Portal Administrator follow these steps to get started:

  1. Hover over the Roles listed in the Key below to see how we've defined each Role, and decide which Role(s) best fits you. 
  2. Review the Course list to see which Courses contain Lessons applicable to your Role(s).
  3. Go to the Course pages and determine which Lessons are applicable to you. Print this checklist to keep track of which Lessons you've been assigned. Please note that your progress is not saved, so the checklist is also designed to help you keep track of where you are in your journey.
Key  Portal Administrators  Non-Clinical Staff  Clinical Staff / Providers

Prepare OP for the Patient Portal    Estimated Duration: 40 minutes

Learn the areas of OP that require review and cleanup before implementing your Practice's Patient Portal. The skills learned in this Course are essential in validating that your OP data is governed in a way that will be accurately received by the portal.

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Log Into and Navigate the Practice Portal     Estimated Duration: 15 minutes

Learn how to log into and navigate the Practice Portal as an Administrator.

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Portal Setup and Configuration    Estimated Duration: 50 minutes

Learn the setup required in the Practice Portal to ensure that Practice staff can interact with the portal as their roles require and how to enable several key portal features.

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Appointment Request and Live Scheduling Setup    Estimated Duration: 15 minutes

Learn how to configure optional Scheduling features so that your families can request or schedule appointments directly from the Patient Portal.

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Daily Portal Activities     Estimated Duration: 30 minutes

Learn how to register patients for the Patient Portal and manage portal messages and other requests.

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Wondering what the parents' experience is like as they're completing their portal registration and corresponding with the Practice? Take a detour to the Parent Experience -- you'll have access to the Parent Toolkit, which includes sharing instructions for resources designed for your Practice's families, and other educational resources so that you can familiarize yourself with the steps a parent will take when using the Patient Portal.

Surveys     Estimated Duration: 25 minutes

Learn the requirements and workflows for sending Surveys to the Patient Portal.

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Documents     Estimated Duration: 15 minutes

Learn the requirements and workflows for sending Documents, both originating from OP and previously saved in Document Management in OP, to the Patient Portal.

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Self-Registration     Estimated Duration: 15 minutes

Learn how to enable self-registration, an optional feature that allows new patients to register for the Practice and established patients to register for the portal without a PIN.

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