OP Patient Portal: Patient Reaches Age of Maturity (Minor Age Limit)


When a patient reaches the age of maturity, or the Minor Age Limit set in the Practice Portal (General Settings > Minor Age Limit field), the Parent's/Guardian's access to the patient record will be removed automatically. Parents/Guardians will receive a message on the Patient Portal when this event occurs. If necessary, review the age of maturity which is set on the Practice Portal in General Setting in the Minor Age Limit field. Here is what occurs when the patient reaches the age of maturity on the Practice and Patient Portals:

  • The Associated account is removed from the Patient Account on the Practice Portal.
  • The patient status changes to Unregistered.

  • Once the patient reaches the age of maturity, the parent/guardian receives a message on the Patient Portal that the patient record is no longer shared.

  • The patient Account toggle is removed from the Patient Portal page.

Proxy Access

When a parent/guardian has been removed from a patient record, access may be given assigning the parent/guardian as a Proxy. Always follow your Practice's policies and procedures as they relate to authorization by the patient and level of access.

  1. Give Proxy access to the patient's account.
  2. The Proxy accepts (or rejects) access via Proxy invitation email. To see how the Proxy will complete their registration for access, see the Demo Video: Proxy Steps to Accept Portal Access section in Add, Modify, or Remove Proxy Access to a Patient's Portal Account

Important: If a parent/guardian has an established Patient Portal account, it is important that they select the Yes button after clicking the link in the email invitation.

  1. (Optional) Add the patient as their own primary Family Contact, confirming the below information is specific to the patient.
  • Primary phone/Cell phone
  • Email address
  • Preferred Contact for reminders
  • Role/Reason selection is Self
  • Res? checkbox is selected
  1. Log in to the Practice Portal and search for and select the patient: Main Navigation panel > Patient Administration.
  2. In the Account Settings section, click Register Patient.

  1. The Patient Registration window opens, complete the window and click the Send PIN / Verification Question button.
  • If the patient was entered in Family Contacts in OP and was moved to the primary contact position, the Email Address field will automatically populate.
  • If the patient was not entered in Family Contacts in OP or moved to the primary contact position, enter the email address in the Email Address field.