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OP Patient Portal Upcoming Features

The content in this article is relevant to the OP Patient Portal, powered by InteliChart.

OP Patient Portal Upcoming Features

Several features exist in the current OP Patient Portal that have not been incorporated into our new portal. These features will be completed throughout the remainder of 2019 and into the first quarter of 2020. There are some interim solutions that can be utilized by leveraging the existing OP Patient Portal. Those solutions will be enabled through a follow-up release of OP 20.

Note: For information on interim solutions for the below features using the (old) OP Patient Portal, click here.

Patient Surveys:

We will be integrating an InteliChart survey tool which will allow practices to create surveys (e.g., M-CHAT) that can be scored and imported back into the patient record, similar in nature to how CHADIS surveys work in the existing (old) OP Patient Portal.  


Our partnership and integration with CHADIS is important to us, but requires additional effort to integrate into our (new) OP Patient Portal through centralized connectivity services in OP Cloud rather than individual sites.  

Documents and Document Requests:

In OP, documents marked for delivery to the (new) OP Patient Portal will be saved to secure Cloud storage and made visible to the patient/parent/guardian. This is a high-priority item scheduled for early completion.

Bill Pay:

Instamed and InteliChart are currently integrating their two products.  Crediting patients accounts based on payments through the (new) OP Patient Portal and viewing balances will be enabled once their integration is enabled.  In the meantime, you should use the alternate workflow suggested. 


Self-registration on the (new) OP Patient Portal will look and feel different as it is rolled out later this year. It will provide the same service to your practice, allowing parents to complete their registration process independently without tying up staff time.To provide a consistent parent experience, we do not recommend having parents self-register on the current platform until this feature is available on the new site. If your workflows absolutely depend on this feature, it will work as long as your existing portal is operational, but may cause confusion about where patients/parents/guardians should sign in.

Interactive Forms:

OP will be adding the ability for a patient/parent/guardian to complete specific forms on the (new) OP Patient Portal and have the forms returned to OP. This would include the following:

  • Documents: These are simple forms that typically require a signature of acknowledgment only such as consent forms.
  • Complex Forms: These are more complex forms such as those used for Patient Registration or capture of a patient's history. These forms will require a patient/parent/guardian to enter specific information which will be returned to the patient record in OP.

Live Self-Scheduling:

 Not only will practices be able to set up flu clinics in the (new) OP Patient Portal, but patients can also schedule well and sick visits according to constraints that will be under practice control. For information on preparing OP for self-scheduling, click here.

OP Mobile:

OP Mobile is a separate application native to iOS, but it is supported through an infrastructure dependent on the (old) OP Patient Portal. If you utilize OP Mobile, it will be critical to maintain the (old) OP Patient Portal for the OP Mobile app to continue functioning.

We have a plan to replace the OP Mobile application with a web-based application that can be reached from any browser. This application will look different than OP Mobile, but the features and functionality of this application in its first iteration will be the same. We expect to deliver the replacement to OP Mobile by the end of the year.

Note: For information on interim solutions for the below features using the (old) OP Patient Portal, click here.