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OP Patient Portal Upcoming Features: Interim Solutions

The content in this article is relevant to the OP Patient Portal, powered by InteliChart.

OP Patient Portal Upcoming Features: Interim Solutions

Several of the Interim Solutions previously listed here were related to features that have since been developed! The remaining features listed below are ones that exist in the former OP Patient Portal and have not been incorporated into our new InteliChart portal. These features will be completed throughout 2020. 

Bill Pay

While OP works to build the connections to the InteliChart platform, if you are interested in still getting patient payments through Instamed, we recommend that you change the hyperlinks on your statements to send parents directly to Instamed’s dedicated payment site for your practice (i.e.,

OP Mobile

OP Mobile is a separate application native to iOS, but it is supported through an infrastructure dependent on the former portal. If you utilize OP Mobile, it will be critical to maintain the former portal for the OP Mobile app to continue functioning. We have a plan to replace the OP Mobile application that can be reached from any browser. This application will look different than OP Mobile, but the features and functionality of the application in its first iteration will be the same. We expect to deliver the use of OP Mobile as a feature in late summer.