OP Practice Portal: Parent or Guardian Access Levels

Version 20.10


To support requests to restrict a patient's medical information or demographics from being displayed for specific parents or guardians, practices have the option to provide Limited Access to a patient's portal account. Limited Access allows a parent or guardian to communicate with the practice for the purpose of requesting appointments and sending messages but prohibits them from seeing the My Chart option in the navigation panel on the Patient Portal. They are also prohibited from requesting Medication Refills*. This is useful when dealing with foster situations where a patient's Demographic information must be hidden, or when an older patient requests medical privacy from his or her parent or guardian.

* The Request a Refill button is still visible at this time, but is not functional for parents or guardians with Limited Access. This button will be removed in a future InteliChart release.

In the sections below, you'll learn how to:

Note: The workflows below are completed in the Practice Portal. Portal accounts created with PINs generated from OP and as self-registrations are automatically defaulted to have Full Access. To change the Access Level on one of these types of registrations, follow the instructions in the Update Access for a Parent or Guardian Who Has Activated Their Account section below.

Update Access for a Parent or Guardian Who Has Activated Their Account

These steps should be followed when the Access Level for a parent or guardian needs to be changed. This means that the parent or guardian has already been issued a PIN and has completed their registration to access the patient's portal. Once these steps are completed and the parent or guardian logs into the portal account, the My Chart option is no longer accessible.

  1. Navigate to the patient's account in the Practice Portal: Navigation Panel > Patient Administration > Account button > Search for and select the patient.
  2. In the Associations section of the Administrative tab, locate the parent or guardian whose access should be updated, and click their current Access Level. For example, in the image below, you would click Full Access.

  1. In the Update Access window, select the updated Access Level. The currently selected Level is selected by default.
  • Full Access: The parent or guardian has access to all areas of the Patient Portal that have been enabled by the practice.
  • Limited: No Chart Access: The parent or guardian can access the Patient Portal for the purpose of communicating with the practice but cannot see any medical information as it would be included in the My Chart section of the portal.
  • Remove Access: The parent or guardian's portal access is completed removed and they can no longer access the portal for the patient.
  1. Click the Update Access button.

Give Limited Access to a Parent or Guardian Who Has Not Yet Activated Their Portal Account

For patients who have not yet been issued a portal registration PIN, Limited Access is given in the Patient Registration window in the Practice Portal at the time of PIN generation.

  1. Complete the workflow to issue a patient registration PIN from Patient Administration, ensuring that the Limited: No Chart Access radio button is selected in the Accessibility section of the window.