OP Practice Portal: Patient Update Workflow

Version 20.16


The ability to request an edit of patient data is a feature that can be enabled in the OP Practice Portal. Below you'll find instructions on how to assign the permissions necessary to work with this feature, enable this feature, and the workflow to update the patient record in OP.

Give Permissions and Enable Patient Updates

  1. Log into the Practice Portal.
  2. Navigate to User Administration > Staff Members
  3. In the Staff Member list, select the user who will be handling Patient Updates.
  4. Locate the Permissions section and select the two permissions necessary to use this feature.
  • Expand Patient Administration and click the Patient Updates checkbox.
  • Expand Patient Interface and click the Editable Patient Data checkbox.
  1. Log out of and back into the Practice Portal.
  2. Navigate to Portal Management > Patient Interface.
  3. Locate the Editable Patient Data section and toggle ON the features to allow updates from the Patient Portal.

  1. Click the Save button.

Workflow: Accept/Deny Updates on the Practice Portal

  1. Log into the Practice Portal.
  2. On the Dashboard, navigate to the Manage My Patients section and click to filter by Updates.

  1. Modify the date range to locate the patient(s) requesting demographic or clinical updates.

Important: It is the responsibility of the Practice to have a workflow in place to review the updates. For example, if the Practice's workflow is to review updates once a month, then the start date range should be set to the previous month.

  1. Click a patient in the list to display the Patient Account page.
  2. Click the Patient Updates tab to view the requests.
  3. After reviewing, select the individual checkboxes or Select All button to select all checkboxes listed per each update category.
  4. (Optional) Click the Deselect All button to deselect all checkboxes within the update category.
  5. Click the Bulk Actions button and choose one of the following options:

  • Reject Updates/Reject Selected Updates: Message displays, click the OK to reject the changes or Cancel.
  • Accept Updates/Reject Selected Updates: Message displays, click OK to accept the changes or Cancel.

NoteYou must accept or reject the updates to update the record appropriately on the Patient Portal.

Workflow: Update Patient Demographics and/or History

Information may be updated on the Patient Portal for Demographics or History. Requests are made by the parent/guardian/patient to change information and it is the responsibility of the Practice to modify OP and accept or deny the request on the Practice Portal.

  1. Log into OP and select the Unread Portal tab in the Message Center.
  2. In the Scope section, select $AD from the staff drop-down list.
  3. Select a message with the Subject of:
  • Patient Medical History Update
  • Patient Social History Update
  • Patient Family History Update
  • Patient Demographics Update

  1. Navigate to the areas of the patient chart and make the requested changes.