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Version 14.8

About OP Reports

Path: Tools menu > OP Reports

Reports make information stored in a database accessible, easy to read, and understand.  Most of the reports available in Office Practicum are created and executed using OP Reports. OP Reports is an external companion program to Office Practicum that connects directly to your medical database (medical.gdb) and compiles information based on search queries. Once reports have been generated, they are stored securely in your database. There are many ´╗┐reports included with your purchase of Office Practicum. These reports can be used as is, or they can be customized to meet the individual needs of your practice.

Contact Office Practicum Support for assistance and questions about report customization. We will be glad to discuss your needs.

If your practice requires a report, please contact Office Practicum Support.  To fit the individual needs of your practice, custom reports can be designed for a fee.

OP Reports Map




Explorer panelThe Explorer panel displays the folders where specific reports are located.  When a folder is selected, the reports within that folder will appear in the reports panel.


Reports panelThese reports are created using the OP Reports program, and can be easily accessed and modified.  Reports can be designed and modified from this location.