OP Training Solutions

OP has several different training options available! Whether you're completely new to OP or simply want to enhance how you use OP,  we have a training solution to help you achieve your goals.

Live Group Webinars

OP's group training webinars are free, role and topic-based sessions that provide OP users a forum to ask questions, discuss best practices, and clarify workflows with users from different practices. While these sessions are geared toward new OP users, they are also a perfect opportunity for not-so-new users to learn different ways to expand their usage of OP! 

Use the catalog below to register for Group Training sessions! Click read more to see the full description for each session. The session objectives are listed on the registration page, accessible by clicking Register or by clicking the session title. After registering, be sure to mark your session on your calendar so that you don't forget. You may even inspire your colleagues to join us! Note: Scheduled group training sessions will be canceled 15 minutes after the start time if no attendees join the session. Seating is limited to 50 attendees.

Practice Manager
Patient Engagement

Other Training Options

Click the sections below to expand/collapse each training option.

eLearning  Training anytime, anywhere

OP's eLearning provides the foundational education needed to start using OP. The eLearning modules are self-paced, interactive, and accessible at any time you have internet access. They are also role-based so that you can focus on learning the parts of OP that you'll be using every day! Many sessions also include assessments that allow Practice Managers/Administrators to easily track staff's progress. eLearning is a pre-requisite to OP's other training options.

Accessing eLearning: Only users who have already been set up with an eLearning username and password can log in to OP's eLearning Center. Your practice may have an Enrollment Key, which allows a Practice Manager the ability to enroll staff themselves. If you're not sure if your practice has an Enrollment Key, contact your Client Account Manager or our Support Team.

eLearning Quick Reference Guides: These quick reference guides will help you get started with eLearning and can be used as references throughout your eLearning experience.

Enrollment Key QRG     |     System Requirements QRG     |     Learner QRG     |     Administrator QRG

eLearning Curricula Breakdown: Here is a catalog showing what is included in each role-based eLearning module. Use the tabs and scroll bars to see the different curricula.

Online Training  Scheduled, remote, and interactive training

Private instructor-led training sessions are available for one or more members of your practice. These sessions are conducted remotely so that you can connect from the comfort of your home or office.

Partner with one of OP's expert Training Specialists to learn the ins and outs of OP, in the topic of your choice. These sessions, available for purchase, are available between 8 AM-6 PM EST Monday-Friday. Evening and weekend sessions are available at an additional cost. To purchase private instructor-led training, contact your Client Account Manager.

Onsite Training  Side-by-side training with OP experts

With this training option, OP's expert Training Specialists will travel to your practice to provide in-person, in-office training! Onsite training provides an "on-the-job" training experience with people who know OP the best!  

Request Onsite Training: If you'd like to purchase onsite training for your practice team, contact your Client Account Manager. They will work with you to evaluate your training needs and provide you a quote based on onsite days and the number of trainers needed for your practice size.

Keep the Conversations Going!

Want to keep the conversations going after your training sessions and as you use OP more and more? Join our OP Community Listservs to join or start conversations about workflows, get OP tips and tricks from fellow OP users, share best practices and successes, and learn something new every day!