OP 14 QRGs


Billing QRG
This PDF covers topics: Enter Charges/Post Superbill, Closing the Day, Sending Claims, CH Reports, Posting Payments, Balancing Electronic Payments, Reports, Posting Electronic Superbill Charges.
Document Management QRG
This PDF covers topics: Document Management in OP, Scanning, Viewing, Printing, Moving Documents to Another Patient, Attaching Documents, Searching, Linking, Marking as Reviewed, and Deleting.
Fixing Patient Accounts QRG
This PDF covers topics: Patient and Insurance Responsible Balances, Invalid Codes and Payers, Posting Insurance Takeback/Recoups/Retractions on ERA, and Electronic Secondary Claims Rejection.
Borrow Payback Vaccines QRG
This PDF covers topics: Borrow Vaccines (During a Visit or As Preparation for the Day), and Payback Vaccines (Receive Vaccine Shipment, Add New Lot Received, Payback, and Update Payback/Borrow Status
Clinical QRG
This PDF covers topics: Starting a Visit, Opening a Note, Vitals, Tasks, Messages, Medication, History, Problems, Encounter/Well Visits, Milestones, Templates, Assess/Plan, Coding, and Charting.
Front Desk QRG
This PDF covers topics: Scheduling Appointments, Checking In, Checking Out, End of Day, and Messaging.
Meaningful Use (MU) QRG
This PDF covers topics: Meaningful Use Measures, Metrics, QIC, Summary of Reporting Requirements, and Clinical Quality Measures.
Navigating the Help Center QRG
This PDF covers topics: Help Center Navigation. Searching, and Viewing.
OP Database Viewer QRG
This PDF covers topics: Overview of the OP Database Viewer, Access, Layout, Query vs Job, Queries (Create, Run, Save, Select, and Export), and Jobs (Create, Run, Export, Import).
Schedule Calendar Slots QRG
This PDF covers topics: Appointment Preferences, Appointment Slots, Copy a Column, Copy Days, and Copy Weeks.
Vaccine Inventory QRG
This PDF covers topics: Edit Body/Sites/Routes, Vaccine Information Sheets (Add/Update/Edit), Vaccine Code Table, Update Vaccine CPT, Entering New Lots, Retire Vaccines, and Lot# Report.
Register a Patient QRG
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