Order and Procedure Templates

Version 14.8

This template is generally applied from the Assess/Plan tab to create orders, add procedures and add coding to the visit. These templates may need to be built for your practice. If you started with OP on version 14.3, you were given two templates pre-built located in Utilities > Manage Clinical Features > Encounter Builder Editor > Plan.

  1. From within the Encounter Note Editor tab, select the Assess/Plan tab.

  1. Select All Templates to see all the templates in the practice, or My Templates to see the templates that the provider has created.
  2. In the white text box, type in the name of the template. 

  1. The sections that are included in the visit note are indicated by the checkboxes. Once the OK is pressed, the note will be populated with the information from the template. Keep in mind that orders do not show in this dialogue. 

Apply Template Dialog Box

When a template is applied from the Assess/Plan tab, the following occurs:

  1. The diagnosis is added to the appropriate DX: field based upon how the order and template were built.
  2. The Orders/Workflow in the lower portion of the screen will pre-populate with the tasks that were set up in the template.

  1. Orders may be pre-built in the template as an alternate order.

  1. Procedures included in a template will appear in the Coding tab of the Encounter Note.