Order Worksheet: Follow Up Tab (Well Visit)

Version 14.8


This section describes how follow up visits are created by tasks.

  1. From the Patient Encounter or Preventive Exam click on the Assess/Plan tab, click the F/U tab.

  1. Follow up appointments associated to the template will display in the F/U Picklist section.
  2. Click the checkbox under the Add column to remove or add any follow up appointment types displayed.
  3. Click into the text field labeled "Click here to add new followup instructions".
  4. The entry window opens for input.

  1. Click the drop-down to select from the list - or - type an appointment reason.
  2. Add Timeframe/Instructions (optional), and Department.

Note: Click the Save Checkmark, located at the bottom of the window. This will add the appointment to the list. This is an optional step and only necessary if more than one task is assigned on the tab.
  1. Click the icon next to Do Now to create the appointment order and send the task.

Additional input for followup listed below.

Date entry to follow up on progress.

Instructions or call back information to obtain.

Assignment to a department to complete the call back.

Provider calendar assigned the follow up.

Add to Checklist, will place the follow up date/instructions in the selected departments task list.

Calendar, will place the follow up date/instructions on the selected providers calendar.

PRN or Complete radio buttons, will mark the followup as needed or complete.