Order Worksheet: Immunization Tab (Well Visit)

Version 14.8

To add an immunization to the Order Worksheet:

  1. Click the Imm tab from Assess/Plan.
  1. Immunizations associated to the template will display in the Immunization Picklist section. 
  2. Click into the text field labeled "Click here to add another vaccine to the order".   The entry window opens for input. 
  3. Click the dropdown arrow in the Vaccine Name field or begin typing the vaccine name.

  1. Click a vaccine to select. 
  2. Add Special Instructions (optional), and Department to administer the vaccine. 
  3. Select from the following list:
  • Tdy, vaccine to be administred today.
  • Def, defer the vaccine until the date list in the Defer until field.
  • Ref, refusal to administer the vaccine.
  • N/A, vaccine is not applicable for this visit.
  1. Click the Save  button, located at the bottom of the window. This will add the selected vaccine to the vaccine list. 
  2. Click the Save and Assign Tasks icon to create the vaccine order.