Order Worksheet: Lab Tab

Version 14.10


This section of template design demonstrates the edit or addition of diagnostic tests associated to a template. 

To review the Diag Tests tab: 

  1. Click the Diag Tests tab. 

  1. To add a diagnostic test, click the Insert Record button .
  2. Click the dropdown arrow and select a diagnostic test. All labs will appear in this dropdown, both in-house and send out. 

Note: If selecting multiple diagnostic tests, separate tasks will be created for each. The tasks will be grouped according to the facility.
  1. Type instructions for the lab test in the Special Instructions field. (optional) . This will need to be re-written on the requisition prior to printing.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow and select a diagnosis code. The diagnosis search window displays (optional).
  • Type a code or description and click the Search button.
  • Double-click - OR - highlight and click the Select button.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow and select a Department. 

  1. Click the dropdown arrow and select a Usage.

AlternateWill show the item in the task window.  An alternate item needs to be selected at time of charting.
RoutineWill show the item in the task window.  A routine item means that the checkmark will already be selected for task submission at time of charting.
StandingA standing order is submitted as a task to the selected department when the template is used at time of charting.

  1. Click the Post edit button.