Order Worksheet: Medication Tab (Well Visit)

Version 14.8

Add a Medication

  1. Click the Med tab.
  2. Recent and ongoing medications are listed.

  1. Enter part of the medication name in the entry field and press the Enter button or click the Ellipse button to view all favorites. 
  2. The Confirm window displays.
Note:  Window displays only when a diagnosis code has been selected for the encounter note.
  1. The Medication Finder window displays.

  1. Double-click to select a medication from the list or highlight the medication and click the OK button.
  2. The Complete Prescription window displays.

  1. Click the Send button to save and E-Prescribe.
    Click the Print button to save and print the prescription.
    Click the Save button and return to the prescription tab.
  2. The added prescription displays under the Recent Prescriptions section.
  3. If the prescription was not previously printed or sent electronically, highlight the medication and click the Do Now button.
  4. The Medication List displays with the medication checked to process.
  5. Click the Print or Send button.