Order Worksheet: Other Tab

Version 14.10

Add Other Tasks

You are currently on the Assess/Plan section of a note.
  1. Click the Other tab.

  1. Other tasks associated to the template will display in the Other Picklist section.
  2. Click the checkbox under the Add column to remove or add any Other task types displayed.
  3. Click into the text field labeled "Click here to add another task to the order".
  4. The entry window opens for input.

  1. Enter a task description or select the Phrase Construction icon to select a phrase for the task.
  2. Enter the task type, task types listed below.
A/R Followup
Task will launch the (F12) Patient's Account window and open to the Claims tab.
Task will launch the (F12) Patient's Account window.
Asthma Plan
Task will launch the Asthma Plan wizard.
Task will create a checklist
Task will open the Concents and Directives window.
Dev Graphical
Task will launch the Graphic Developmental Milestones
Dev Narrative
Task will launch the Narrative Developmental Milestones
Flow Chart
Task will open the Preventive Care Flow Sheet
Task will open the History window.
Task will open the Insurance window of (F2) Patient Register window.
Task will open a message window.
Records Request
Task will open the Event Chronology window.
Referral Letter
Task will open the Referral/Care Transitions Detail window. Entry of a patient referral is complete from this window.
Task will open the (F2) Patient Register window.
Task will open the Event Chronology window.
Task will open the Input Scanned Items window.
Task will open the Calendar tab of the Schedule and Practice Workflow window.
Vital Sign
Task will open the Vital Signs and Growth Measurements window.
  1. Enter the due date (optional), DX (optional), CPT (optional), and Department.
  2. Click the Save check, located at the bottom of the panel, to add the task and create a second task.
  3. Click the Create Task Orders button  icon to create the order.