Parent Steps to Complete a Survey Sent to the OP Patient Portal

Version 20.13


The steps in this article assume that an internal OP Survey has already been sent to the OP Patient Portal for a parent/patient to complete prior to their visit. If the parent/patient does not complete their Survey on the portal prior to the visit, the Practice may choose to have the parent/patient log into their portal from a tablet or other in-office device to complete the Survey. 

AttentionPractices who are accustomed to using the former OP Patient Portal must note that Surveys sent to the InteliChart Patient Portal are not accessed via Forms in the portal. They are received as Messages and should be accessed in the Message Center on the portal or from the patient's homepage.

Parent Steps to Complete an OP Survey

When a survey is sent to the OP Patient Portal, the parent receives a message notification (if enabled). In the Patient Portal, the Message is accessible via the Message Center or from the Messages from your Care Team section of the portal homepage (pictured below). The parent will complete the following steps to complete the survey.

  1. Click the Message in the Message Center or the Read Message link in the Message on the portal homepage. The Patient Survey window, containing a pin code needed to complete the survey and a survey link, is displayed. The pin code does not expire.

Note: The entry of a Pin here is in place to ensure the patient's protected health information security and ensure the accuracy of survey results. In addition, a note is included to inform the parent/patient not to reply to the survey message.

  1. Click the Patient Survey link. The Verification window is displayed.

  1. Enter the Pin code in the Pin field, and click the Verify button. The Survey is displayed.

Warning: The portal user has five attempts to enter the correct Pin code. After the fifth try, the Pin code is locked. The portal user can then return to the Patient Survey message, and click the Reply button to send a message to the practice staff member who sent the Survey to the portal. At that point, the Task Status must be changed to Canceled, and a new Task must be created to send the Survey back out to the portal.

  1. Complete the Survey.

Note: When the portal user begins to answer the Survey questions, the Survey Task status is marked In Progress:

  1. Click the Submit button. A confirmation message is displayed. 

Note: Once the Submit button is clicked, the Survey responses are sent to OP. The Survey task status is marked Completed by Web Portal User:

The Survey status is marked Received: