Patient Account Basics


View a Patient's Claims
The Claims section of the patient chart houses a patient's full claims history. In addition to claim service dates and charges, claim payments, adjustments, and patient responsibility are also included in the details of the claim(s).
View a Patient's Credits and Print a Receipt
The Credits section of the patient chart lists patient and insurance credits and debits that have been entered into OP.
Entering a Refund
To issue a refund, the amount to be refunded (e.g., overpayment, erroneous patient payment) MUST first be entered as a credit in the patient's account.
View a Family Account Balance
Family account balances are viewed in the Account Summary section of the patient chart.
Write an Account Note
The Billing Notes located in the patient's account, can be used to record substantial billing issues, and maintain a chronology of your receivable attempts between the office and the patient.
Editing a Claim
Having to make a modification to a claim can be an everyday occurrence. The steps below will guide you in making these corrections from the Patient Account.
Voiding a Claim Payment
Claim payments can only be voided from the Patient Account. Whether or not the payment(s) have been included on a daysheet will determine the outcome of the void(s).
Unapplying Applied Payments to a Claim
This process requires using both the Review Patient's Claims form (Claims tab) and the Patient's Credit Account.
Post a Patient Payment
Posting a patient payment includes direct payments for balances or applying credits.
Issuing a Patient Refund
To enter a refund, the amount to be refunded must first be entered as a credit in the patient's account. See How do I add a patient credit for instructions.
Print a CMS-1500
Claims in Office Practicum can be dropped to paper at anytime from the Patient Account.