Patient Account: Consents

Version 14.8

About Patient Account: Consents Tab

Path: Smart Toolbar > Account button > Consents tab

The Patient Account window maintains a patient’s account.  Some of the main functions that can be performed on a patient’s account include:

  • Enter a copay
  • Post a charge manually
  • Enter hospital charges
  • Verify claim accuracy
  • Post a patient payment
  • Issue a patient refund
  • Write an account note
  • View claim history
  • Print a CMS-1500
  • Print a statement

The Consents tab opens the consents and directives list.  The Consents and Directives list indicates and modifies the consent forms and directives that are linked to a medical record.

Patient Account: Consents Tab Map



Patient Account tabs

The Patient Account contains the following tabs:


The Scope field narrows the parameters for the displayed information in the patient’s account.  Information can be displayed by patient or family.
Reviewed button
The Reviewed button adds a log entry that a medical review of records was conducted.
Link Medical Record button
The Link Medical Record button locates and links a medical record to either a Encounter, Problem List or Referral Letter.
Consent Record grid
The Consent/Directives grid lists the consent records for the patient.  Records can be added, removed, and modified.  The Document Type (created in the Consent Record Types utilities window) can be set here along with the begin date, end date, and consent mode.
Attached Form and Pages tabs
The Attached Form and Pages tab displays a thumbnail of the scanned document.
Attach button
The Attach button opens the Search for Scanned items window.  It attaches a scanned item to the patient record.