Patient Alerts Overview and Permissions

Version 21.3
Path: Clinical > Patient Chart > Communication > Alert Setup


Patient alerts can be created and managed using the Alert Setup module. This module allows you to create custom patient alerts that will be presented to staff members within the specified departments throughout their workflows. 

In the Alerts Module you will be able to: 

  • Define the alert name and description
  • Determine which department(s) the alert is presented to
  • Define a timeframe the alert should be active (optional)
  • Define where within OP the alerts are presented to the user

Security Permissions

There are security permissions around who can access alerts, who can modify alerts, and who can mark alerts complete through the alert message pop-up.

  • Alerts_Access: Allows access to the alerts module found under Patient Communication.
  • Alerts_Complete: Allows you to complete the alert when the alert presents itself to you in your workflow.
  • Alerts_Modify: Allows you to add, update, and delete alerts.

If all of these permissions are added, please reset the Active form on the Personalize tab, then log off all sessions. Once you do this, you should see the Alerts button.