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Patient Chart: Encounters

Version 14.8

About the Patient Chart: Encounters Tab

Path: Smart Toolbar > Chart button > Encounters tab

The Patient Chart is the central point of access to all areas of a patient's complete Medical record.  Use the Patient Chart to access and maintain patient records.  The Encounters tab lists the Patient Encounter Notes.  From the Encounters tab, an unarchived Patient Encounter can be added or modified.  A selected Encounter Summary Sheet can be also be accessed from this tab for finalized encounter notes. 

Note:  Just like a paper chart, the Office Practicum chart, and other windows in Office Practicum, contain personal health information that should be kept confidential. You should treat all windows in Office Practicum (like F8 Chart) just like you would treat a paper record of patient health information, never leaving that record out in the open for others to see. More specifically, you should always close all windows on your screen and log out of Office Practicum when you are done at your workstation.

Patient Chart: Encounters Tab Map

+ Start New Note button
The + Start New Note button opens the Patient Encoutner window to begin a new Patient Encounter note or Edit an unarchived patient encounter.
Open Note button
The Open Note button opens the Encounter Summary Sheet window (for a finalized encounter ) or the Patient Encounter window (for encounters not finalized) for a highlighted encounter in the Encounter Notes Grid.
Encounter Notes Grid
The Encounter Notes grid displays all the encounter notes for the patient.  Hover over the Chief Complaint on the selected line to display the encounter summary for that note.  Double-click on the note to open the Encounter Summary Sheet window (for a finalized encounter ) or the Patient Encounter window (for encounters not finalized).  You can achieve the same results by highlighting the note and selecting the Open Note button.  
Left tabs

The left tabs open a different section within the patient’s medical records.  The Patient Chart contains the following left tabs: