Patient Chart: Implantable Devices

Version 14.19

About Patient Chart: Implantable Devices

Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Patient Chart button > Implantable Devices

The Patient Chart is the central point of access to all areas of a patient's complete Medical record.  Use the Patient Chart to access and maintain patient records.  

A patient's implantable device record(s) are displayed in the Implantable Device window. This window is where device records are added, edited, deleted, and inactivated.  

NoteJust like a paper chart, the Office Practicum chart, and other windows in Office Practicum, contain personal health information that should be kept confidential. You should treat all windows in Office Practicum (like F8 Chart) just like you would treat a paper record of patient health information, never leaving that record out in the open for others to see. More specifically, you should always close all windows on your screen and log out of Office Practicum when you are done at your workstation.

Patient Chart: Implantable Devices Map

1Implantable Devices buttonThe Implantable Devices button opens the Implantable Devices window in the patient chart.
New buttonThe New button opens the Add Implantable Device window (or the Implantable Device Configuration window if credentials are not entered into Correspondent table.
Edit buttonThe Edit button views and edits a selected device.
Delete buttonThe Delete button deletes an Implantable Device record and prompts to user to select an audit trail reason for the deletion.
Active OnlyThe Active Only checkbox allows you to view only implantable devices that are active for the patient.


Implantable Device ListThe Implantable Device list displays a patient's recorded implantable devices and includes: device name, date of implant, SNOMED, expiration date, status, location, and inactive reason.