Patient Chart: Medical Records

Version 14.19

About the Patient Chart: Medical Records

Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Patient Chart button > Medical Records

The Patient Chart is the central point of access to all areas of a patient's complete Medical record.  The Medical Records window is a compilation of a patient's complete medical records. Every office visit, lab report, letter from a specialist, phone message, or other event is displayed in a chronological grid for easy viewing and printing. The grid can easily be sorted and filtered to customize your needs.   

NoteJust like a paper chart, the Office Practicum chart, and other windows in Office Practicum, contain personal health information that should be kept confidential. You should treat all windows in Office Practicum (like F8 Chart) just like you would treat a paper record of patient health information, never leaving that record out in the open for others to see. More specifically, you should always close all windows on your screen and log out of Office Practicum when you are done at your workstation.

Patient Account: Medical Records Map

Medical Records buttonThe Medical Records button opens the Medical Records within in the patient's chart.
Basic Search Criteria groupThe Basic Search Criteria group uses the report criteria established in the Reports Criteria window. This field group helps filter down the displayed records in the Event Chronology.  Records can be displayed based on patient, report criteria, and date range.  Search criteria settings are saved by clicking the Save Settings button.  The Report Criteria field allows you to choose any reports you have created and saved. Criteria for the chosen report can be viewed by clicking on the Advanced Search Criteria tab in the Event Chronology record grid.
Search buttonThe Search button searches for records/reports based on the criteria established in the Basic Search Criteria group.
Print buttonThe Print button prints the records.  The information can be sent to the printer or displayed as a PDF on the screen.
Send Messages buttonThe Send Messages button opens the Patient Message eXchange to send a message.
CDA buttonThe CDA button creates CDA for the selected data. Only one encounter or one well visit may be selected at a time.
Record Contents TabProvides the provider, diagnostic code, prescriptions, and date of birth information for the report.
Demographics tabThe Demographics tab provides the patient's demographic data for the report. The options on this tab are used to filter reports involving multiple patients. This tab is not used when establishing information for a single patient.
Version 14.10

The Patient Chart: Medical Records window is not available in OP 14.