Patient Directory

Version 14.19

The Patient Directory is not available in OP 19.

Version 14.10

About Patient Directory

Path: Activities Menu > Patient Directory (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [F5])

The Patient Directory stores and displays the information of each patient in your practice, including the date of birth, phone number(s), parents name, address and insurance numbers. The Patient Directory also serves as a search engine allowing you to open and access patient information in the Patient Chart, Patient Register, and many other windows in Office Practicum.

Patient Directory Map



Search barThe search bar allows you to enter the name or id of the patient.  If the search does not yield a match, try a different spelling or the phone number preceded by an * (asterisk) or # (pound) symbol.


Search byThe Search by field helps to narrow the scope of the search.


Family buttonAfter the patient name appears, highlighting the patient and clicking the Family button displays a list of the patient’s siblings.  A list of patients with the same home phone number is generated.


PCP ScopePCP Scope narrows the search by selecting the patient’s primary care provider.


Last UsedLast Used searches for the most recently displayed patient by patient number or family ID.


Print buttonThe Print button prints the data in the grid.


Choose End User Report buttonClick the End User Report button opens the Located in OP Reports window.  It displays an end user report for the highlighted patient.


Edit Patient Note buttonThe Edit Patient Note button opens the Patient Register: Notes and Coordination of Care note for editing.


Patient GridThe Patient Grid displays the patients in the Patient Directory.  Displayed records are based on the search criteria.


TabsThe tabs at the bottom of the Patient Directory book split the contacts alphabetically.  To view all patients, click the All tab. 


New PatientThe New Patient button opens the Patient Register so a new patient can be created.