Patient Encounter: Implantable Devices

Version 14.19

About Patient Encounter: Implantable Devices 

Path: Clinical, Practice Management, or Billing tab > Patient Chart button > Encounter > New or Open Note button > Implantable Devices

The Patient Encounter helps to code and complete an encounter visit. The encounter note encompasses both narrative and comprehensive formats. It also allows you to customize the layout of the note. The note is added to the patient chart.

The Implantable Devices window displays and documents a patient's implantable devices.

Patient Encounter: Implantable Devices Map



Implantables buttonThe Implantables button opens the Implantable Devices window.


Encounter Function buttonsThe Function buttons delete an entire encounter note, edit an encounter note, or save an encounter note.
Function buttons
The Implantable Devices List function buttons:
  • New: Opens the Add Implantable Device or Implantable Device Configuration window (depending on status of credentials).
  • Edit:  The Edit button opens the Edit Implantable Device window to edit the selected implantable device record.
  • Delete: The Delete button deletes an implantable device from the implantable device list for the patient.
4Active OnlyThe Active Only checkbox allows you to view only implantable devices that are active for the patient.
Implantable Device list
The Implantable Device list is a list of all the patient's devices (active and inactive). The Implantable Device list displays a patient's recorded implantable devices and includes: device name, date of implant, SNOMED, expiration date, status, location, and inactive reason.