Patient Encounter: Templates

Version 14.8

About Patient Encounter: Templates Tab

Path: Smart Toolbar > Chart button > Encounters tab > Open Note > Templates tab
Path: Smart Toolbar > Schedule Button > Encounters tab >  Edit button > Templates tab

The Patient Encounter helps to code and complete an encounter visit.  The encounter note encompasses both narrative and comprehensive formats. It also allows you to customize the layout of the note.  The note is added to the patient chart.

The Templates tab lists the templates that are created, edited, and reviewed in the Encounter Templates Editor.  Templates are pre-written scenarios you can use in an encounter to document common pediatric diagnoses. Templates include detailed descriptions for the usual pertinent positive and negative findings of a wide variety of illnesses, with a standard assessment, plan and ICD-10 coding. Included with your installation of Office Practicum are Pediatric specific templates.

Patient Encounter: Templates Tab Map


Encounter Note Editor tabs

The Patient Encounter Note Editor contains the following tabs:

Care Plans tab
The Care Plans tab lists, prints, and manages care plans for a patient’s health maintenance schedule.
Prior Notes tab
The Prior Notes tab lists the previous encounter notes and messages.
Search CriteriaThe Search Criteria fields are used to narrow the templates inside the template grid.  The search bar narrows the template list based upon the characters entered into the search bar.  Selecting the Show Archived checkbox displays archived templates with the templates that are still used in the Template grid.  The location field narrows the templates displayed in the template grid based upon the templates used at specific locations.
Templates gridThe Templates grid lists the templates that are created, edited, and reviewed in the Encounter Templates Editor.  The Templates are grouped by system.  Double-click the selected template to review notes in the template.  Click the paperclip next to the template name to open the Apply Template Dialog to apply the template notes to the current encounter.
Expand grid checkboxThe Expand Grid checkbox expands all the collapsed categories in the Templates grid to display the templates or collapses all the expanded categories in the Templates grid to hide the templates.