Patient Message Exchange


Patient Message Exchange (PMX) Credit Plan Cost
This page will provide you with the available Patient Message eXchange credit plans.
Configuring the Patient Message eXchange
Version 14.19
Checking your Credits Information
Version 14.19
Patient Message Exchange (PMX) to Confirm Appointments
The Patient Message eXchange is a feature that allows you to contact groups of patients, with customized bulk messages, through a variety of communication channels.
Send an Email Broadcast/Blast
An email broadcast is a way to send a mass email to a defined group of recipients. This is accomplished using the Patient Message eXchange.
Messages Sent Tab
The messages sent tab can be used to track the stages that your alerts are in, whether or not they were sent or delivered.
Notifying Parents of a Message on Patient Portal
If you are using Office Practicum's Patient Portal you have the ability to send a parent a notification email of a message using the Patient Message eXchange.