Patient Message Exchange (PMX)


Configuring the Patient Message eXchange
This article guides users on setting up OP's Patient Message eXchange (PMX) for sending appointment reminders, recalls, and other messages to patients.
Patient Message Exchange (PMX) to Confirm Appointments
Once the Patient Message eXchange has been configured, Appointment Reminders can be sent for confirmation. Keep in mind that messages will only be sent to those contacts who have a preferred method of contact listed.
Send an Email Broadcast/Blast
Email broadcasts/blasts are helpful when sending practice updates, alerts, or announcements. Think of it as an electronic version of a flyer that would be posted in the practice's waiting room! Prior to sending this mass message, you must first review the email template.
How a Parent Confirms an Appointment From a Text or Email
Here, you will find instructions on the process the parent will take to confirm an appointment via text or email link.