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Patient Message Exchange (PMX) to Confirm Appointments

Version 14.10
Path: Smart Toolbar > Schedule button > Calendar tab


The Patient Message eXchange is a feature that allows you to contact groups of patients, with customized bulk messages, through a variety of communication channels. Use of our Patient Messaging eXchange requires credits to send and receive messages. In this article, you will learn how to confirm appointments using the Patient Message Exchange. 

Patient Message Exchange

Note:  Keep in mind that messages will only be sent to those contacts who have a preferred method of contact listed. See Add relatives or contacts to a patient's register record.

  1. Click the Tracking tab.
  2. Select the Date for appointments you want to confirm.
  3. Click the Confirm button.

Tracking Tab:Confirm Appointments

  1. Click the following:
  • Visible: Will list all patients on that the particular calendar view. 
  • All: Will list all patients with appointments regardless of calendar view.

  1. Click the Create Msgs button.

  1. Once messages are created you will be told how many credits you are using.
  • Email message = 1 credit
  • Text message = 3 credits
  • Phone message = 5 credits

Note: Click here for more information on the Patient Message Exchange Credit Plan.

  1. Click the OK button.  Messages are sent.

To manage messages sent, click the Sent Messages tab.

As appointments are confirmed, the Confirmation status changes on the Tracking Screen.