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Is there a way for front office/nursing staff to put in patient’s pharmacy before physician sees patient?

To accomplish this, it is easiest to have your MA/Nurse set up as a provider agent with Proxy Privileges. This way the MA/Nurse can populate the Pharmacy list with your practice's most common favorites when you are starting out (they can do this through a test patient).

Each time a pharmacy is selected from the pharmacy list, it is also added to the Address Book. The Front Desk will be able to select it when checking the patient in from the Coordination of Care tab. Once a pharmacy is in the Address Book, you can also edit it and add notes such as cross streets so you can easily identify it. You can also search the Address Book by Pharmacy ID. If your Front Desk does not do this, then the MA/Nurse can add it to the Coordination of Care tab. By adding it to the Coordination of Care tab it will appear on the patients pharmacy.