Patient Portal 101

Version 14.10


The OP Patient Portal is a tool that integrates directly with your personal Office Practicum installation. It offers parents the ability to interact with your practice over the Internet, and encourages them to maintain their own contact information and preferences, and have a better, more informed relationship with your office.

Using the portal, parents can:

  • Register their entire family with your practice
  • View their children's medical records
  • Make requests for appointments, forms, medical records, and more
  • Complete surveys and other tasks assigned by your practice
  • Exchange messages privately and securely with the practice
  • View billing statements
  • Make payments (Instamed Integration)

How Does It Work?

The Patient Portal is distributed by Office Practicum on our own custom server appliance. What this means is that after working with our Implementation Staff initially, you will be shipped a server that will need to be added to your network. Once it's up and running, our Deployment staff will assist you in connecting it to your Office Practicum server, and help you get it to be visible on the Internet.

Patient Portal: All the Portal Functionality You Need

The Patient Portal is designed for customers who already have a website or other web presence and simply wish to bolt on a patient portal as a subdomain. Under normal circumstances, you would navigate to this site by typing something like "". This site contains the necessary parts to make the patient portal function and does not include any content management functionality.

What does it look like?

By default, the portal ships with a left navigation theme. You can add your practice logo at the top left and your contact information at the top right.

You can optionally choose from one of sixteen predefined color schemes to customize the look of your portal.