Patient Rescheduling List

Version 14.10

About Patient Rescheduling List 

Path: Smart Toolbar > Schedule button > Click on Find Move-up button

The end user accesses the Patient Rescheduling List by clicking the Find Move-up button () below the calendar on the Schedule.

Patient Rescheduling List Fields

The Patient Rescheduling List compiles a report of all patients that have an appointment scheduled on a future date and that have a Move Up option specified. It includes the following information:

  • Appointment: This information includes the name of the patient and the Provider the patient is seeing.  
  • Appointment Date: This information includes the date and time of the appointment.
  • Phone No: This is the patient's phone number.
  • Move Up Options: This field lists the Move Up Options as specified in the Move-up Option field in the Add/Edit Appointment window.

OP software populates the Patient Rescheduling List based upon information added to the Move Up Option field on the Add/Edit Appointment window.

Selecting an entry in the Patient Rescheduling List and clicking the OK button (or double-clicking a line in the data-display grid), OP software takes you to that appointment on the Calendar.