Patient Statements Setup

Version 14.8
Path: Utilities Menu > System Admin > System Preferences (Keyboard Shortcut keys: [Alt][U][A][P])

Verify Setup is Complete

  1. Access the System Preferences menu, then click on the Billing tab followed by the Statements tab.
  2. Verify all information has been completed.

Office Practicum allows practices to run patient statements by the financial guarantor's last name. This setting directly impacts how OP 14 displays the Statement Queue window in the Electronic Billing Center. OP provides a default setting for these groupings. However, the Administrator can modify these default settings by changing the last-name initial for the To value of each group. If the Administrator changes the To value in one group, OP automatically resets the From value in the next group. OP also displays a warning message if the Administrator attempts to close the window and the Guarantor’s Last Name Group settings are incomplete or are not set correctly.

  1. Now access the Billing Center and the click on button to setup your preferences.

  1. Once these are set, click to save your preferences.