Patient's Credit Account

Version 14.8

About Patient’s Credit Account

Path: Smart Toolbar > Account button > Credits tab > + Credit (or + Refund) button

The Patient's Credit account window enters both patient and insurance credits into the patient account. The Patient’s Credit Account window differs based upon the button selected in the Credit tab of the patient’s account.  Credits can be held in the account, transferred, or refunded.  Transfers can be set as a general transfer, family transfer or insurance transfer.  Refunds can be issued to the patient account, to the patient, or to the insurance. 

Patient’s Credit Account Map



Deposit tab (if + Credits button was clicked)The Deposit tab creates credit transactions against the patient account. 


Refund tab (if + Refund button as clicked)The Refund tab creates refund transactions against the patient account.


Ledger tabThe Ledger tab maintains a record for all the credits that are linked to the patient account.


 Save/Post buttonThe Save/Post button saves and posts a credit or refund to the patient account.


Cancel buttonThe Cancel button exits the window without saving changes.