The PediaTricks Podcast


The PediaTricks Podcast is where OP clients can dig deep into the inner workings of the application and learn more about the people behind the scenes. We'll share stories, provide new tricks for using OP, and encourage you to apply these insights to your own job to make your life easier! If you would like to be a guest on our podcast, or have an idea for an upcoming episode, please email us at!


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30  |  How OP Has Helped Clinics Fight COVID 16:17  

   Dr. Jeff Cooper, OP Superuser at Cooper Pediatrics

29  |  Celebrating 35 Years of Growth! 23:21  

   Dr. Edna & Fred Pytlak, OP Founders

28  |  Where Have All My Patients Gone? Engaging via Telehealth 16:09  

   Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP & OP's Medical Director

27  |  Optimizing Your Practice Schedule 18:14  

   Dr. Suzanne Berman, OP Superuser at Plateau Pediatrics  

26  |  More Toolbox Than Tool- The OP Help Center 19:11  

   Cindy Grimmie, Content Strategist, OP's Knowledge Team

25  |  The Onboarding Experience 19:11  

   Jeannine Hathaway, OP's Director of Training

24  |  The Provider-Practice Connection 18:44  

   Dr. Rich Szabo, OP Implementation Project Manager

23  |  Revenue Streams Streamlined 12:34  

   Elizabeth Feliciano, OP's Director of Client Revenue Cycle Performance & Experience

22  |  Set Up for Recall Success 15:53  

   BJ Bloom, OP's Clinical Product Director

21  |  Monitoring Your Financial Vitals 15:09  

   Matt Tadros, OP's Director of RCM Technology

20  |  Loving What We Do! 18:12  

   Bethany Williams, OP's SVP of Product

19  |  Implementation Tips & Tricks for Smooth Transitions 15:02  

   Meagann Wade, OP's Director of Implementations

18  |  2021 Goals for OP: Looking Forward to the New Year 17:10  

   Kraig Brown, CEO of Office Practicum

17  |  Demand for Your Brand 16:00  

   Carrie Sjogren, OP's Director of Marketing

16  |  All You Ever Wanted to Know About E/M Coding (But Were Afraid to Ask) 10:54  

   Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP & OP's Medical Director

15  |  21st Century Cures Act 17:58  

   Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP & OP's Medical Director

14  |  Interoperability: Playing Well with Others 16:37  

   Bharath Perugu, Product Director of Interoperability & Amy Kjolstad, Manager of Integrations & Interfaces

13  |  Medical Decision Making Made Easy(er)! 15:43  

   Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP & OP's Medical Director

12  |  Revisiting Portal and Support 13:12  

   Jen Higgins, Director of OP Support

11  |  Long Tail of Learning 18:17  

   Jeannine Hathaway, Manager of OP's Training Team

10  |  Strong Partners 21:08  

   Pete Minio, OP's Director of Strategic Partnerships

9  |  Influential Positivity 18:53  

   Bethany Williams, OP's SVP of Product  

8  |  Up in The Clouds 15:39  

   Mike Matlack, OP's Founder and Technology Leader  

7  |  Mobilizing OP 17:06  

   BJ Bloom, OP's Clinical Product Director  

6  |  Close From a Distance 16:25  

   Dr. Mick Connors, Co-founder and CEO of Anytime Pediatrics  

5  |  Recalling the DAR 13:13  

   Rich Punch, OP Training Specialist  

4  |  Mapping Out OP's Products 13:56  

   Celena Berry, OP Application Support Manager  

3  |  Portal With a Purpose 16:05  

   Meredith Cheryba, OP's VP of Sales & Marketing  

2  |  Knowledge Across the Learning Ecosystem  15:42

   Dee Fernandez, Manager of OP's Knowledge Team  

1  |  Support When You Need It  17:47

   Jen Higgins, Director of OP Support