PMX+ Automated Messages Overview

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The PMX+ module allows you to send Automated Messages for Appointment Confirmations and Reminders.  An Automated Message is a recurring message that is scheduled for automatic delivery to your kiddos parents/contacts based on a set of rule delivery criteria.  Parents/Contacts can respond to either confirm or cancel their kiddos appointment via text, email or phone. Responses are captured in OP and the Schedule is updated appropriately.

With Automated Messages your practice will save time by eliminating the administrative burden of setting up these messages repeatedly each day, and for each delivery format (email, text, call).  

When Should I Use Automated Messages?

  • For Appointment Confirmations and Appointment Reminders that need to be sent continuously.
  • For messaging to a family contact whose preferred contact language is Spanish.

How Will Automated Messages Benefit Me?

  • Hours per week are wasted queuing up redundant Appointment Confirmation messages again and again.
  • Eliminate several clicks with Standard Message Templates and Automated Delivery Attempts.
  • Automated Messages are thoughtfully designed to eliminate the risk of your messages being identified as SPAM and ultimately undeliverable.

Standard Delivery Logic, or When Are My Patients/Parents Being Notified?

With the help of our Clinical Informaticists we curated best practices for when your important patient messages will automatically be delivered.  Standard delivery attempts help ensure that your messages are not being identified as SPAM.  Internal analytics reflected that practices were sending too many messages to parents too frequently, which were in-turn identified as SPAM by both the parent and the message carrier.  When your practice’s messages are identified as SPAM message carriers will cease to deliver any messages from your phone number.  It is important to follow regulatory guidelines within the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) when you are sending patient messages.

Note: If an appointment is scheduled 24 hours prior to the appointment date/time, as long as that time frame does not conflict with the appointment cancellation window, one message will be delivered

If there is not enough time between when the appointment is scheduled and when the appointment occurs (e.g scheduled within cancellation window) no message will be sent.

So, when are my patients and parents being notified?

Appointment Confirmations Delivery

If no confirmation or cancelation is received, the Appointment Confirmation message will be delivered up to 3 times.

  • The 1st message will be delivered 5 days before the appointment date.
  • The 2nd message will be delivered 3 days before.
  • The 3rd/final message will be delivered 1 day before the appointment date.

If a cancellation response is received, Appointment Confirmations will cease to be delivered.

  • If the Appointment Reschedule Template is enabled, then Appointment Reschedule messages will automatically begin to be sent.

Appointment Reschedule Delivery

If an appointment is canceled and the Appointment Reschedule Template is active, then a cancellation template will be delivered immediately after the appointment is canceled 1 time.

Appointment Reminders Delivery

If a confirmation response is received after the first message, Appointment Reminders will be delivered up to 2 times.

  • The 1st Appointment Reminder will be sent 3 days before the appointment date.
  • The 2nd and final Appointment Reminder will be delivered 1 day before the appointment date.

Standard Automated Message Templates

Our thoughtfully crafted templates are designed to has been approved by your message carrier to ensure your messages are not being identified as SPAM. These templates are included in your PMX+ setup, however you will need to create the parameters for the message templates to be sent according to your practices policies. 

To begin configuring delivery rules for automated messages using the templates, please see the Configure Delivery Rules for Automated Messages article.

Benefits of Standard Templates

  • Templates are automatically delivered in Spanish should the family contact(s) language preference be identified as Spanish.
  • Templates save a heavy administrative burden when sending messages via sms, email and phone.  If you send a custom message, you will need to craft variations of the same message for all 3 delivery methods, additionally, should you want those same three messages, you would need to translate them into 3 additional messages.  That means to send one custom Appointment Confirmation message via sms, email and phone in English and in Spanish, your practice would need to create 6 templates. With standard Templates,  all you need to do is click SAVE.
  • Templates automatically add the location details for each Practice, making it easy for parents to identify where their kiddos appointment is located.

While we understand you may still have an occasional need to send a custom message, this can be done from within the “Personalized Messages” tab to the left of Automated Messages.  Personalized Messages once at the time you create them.

Standard Message Templates

PMX+ Automated Messages has four Standard Message Templates for your practice to use:

  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Appointment Confirmation w/ fee
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Reminder to Reschedule