PMX Credits Communication - OP 21.2 Release


OP is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of PMX+ Automated Messaging!  In preparation of and to support this new feature, OP practices currently using OP Notify or PMX (Patient Message eXchange) to send recalls or one-time messages to their patients will see a change in the way credits are used in the 21.2 release.

What's Changing?

In this release, you will see that the pay-per-message credits system is being replaced with unlimited messages under a flat monthly fee. The specific impact to your practice will be dependent on the services you’re contracted for.

OP Notify Users

Current OP Notify users previously saw unlimited credits reflected when sending a message out of PMX. Following this release, that area will be blank. 

From a billing perspective, you should not see any changes - your previous rate under OP Notify will stay the same under PMX+ Automated Messaging.

PMX Only Users

Current PMX-only users previously saw their credit balance reflected when sending a message out of PMX.

Following this release, that area will be blank, and you will no longer receive a prompt confirming the number of credits spent on each message delivery.

From a billing perspective, you will no longer need to contact Support to have more credits added - going forward, messages will be available unlimited under a flat, per provider per month fee. Your account manager will be reaching out to you (if you have not heard from them already) to discuss the historical credit usage for your practice; it has been analyzed to account for any significant differences in the number of credits used as compared to the number of providers at your practice. Unlimited billing will not begin until the practice’s existing credits have been used up, at which point the new monthly flat fee will come into effect. 

How Can I Upgrade to PMX+ Automated Messaging?

To take advantage when all the new features, including automated message delivery for appointment reminders (and more!) and standardized templates accessible in both English and Spanish, become available, contact your account manager for more information!

As we transition to PMX+ Automated Messaging, the goal has been to simplify the entire process from both an end-user perspective as well as the administrative perspective. Keep an eye out for future communications with more details and what you can expect during the transition.