Post a Charge Manually

Version 14.8

Daily charge posting is done from the Tracking tab. Charges for patients without an appointment are posted from the Patient Account

Post a Charge

  1. Click the Account  button to open the Patient Account.
  2. If needed, use the Search box  to locate the patient.
  3. Click the Chargestab.
  4. Click on the Insurance tab to review the patient's insurance information to ensure it is accurate before posting.
  5. Click the Claimbutton.
  6. The Add/ Edit Charges window will open. From here, enter the follow information (noting that an item highlighted in RED is a mandatory field that must be filled out):
  • Rendering Provider: Select the provider who saw the patient. If the Rendering Provider does not have billing credentials, a name must be selected in the Supervised by field. This will will also be listed on the claim.

  • Insurance or Self-pay: The patient's primary insurance will display here. There is the option to select an alternate payer or self-pay for this claim.

  • Date: The system default is the current date. To backdate the claim, click the dropdown arrow to change to the desired date.

  • ICD-10: Click the Insert Record button and enter the numeric code or description to search under the ICD-10 Desc field. Then, click the green checkmark to add the diagnosis code to the claim. Up to twelve diagnosis codes can be placed on a claim.

  • CPT: Enter the numeric CPT code or click the Ellipsis button to search for the code.
  • Diagnosis codes must be assigned to each CPT code line. Use the dropdown to select the diagnosis code or add Modifiers.

  1. Once all charges have been entered click the Save or Save + Queue button in the bottom right hand corner of the Add/Edit Charges screen.