Post a Patient Payment

Version 14.19


Patient payments are either posted directly or by applying patient credits. 

Post a Patient Payment

  1. Navigate to the patient's chart.
  2. Click Payments in the Window Navigation Panel.
  3. Click the New Payment button. The Add Payments and Adjustments window is displayed.
  4. If the Insurance tab is selected and the backdrop of the window is green, click the Patient tab.

  1. From the Pay Method drop-down, select the pay method that is being used to post the payment. If the payment is being applied from the patient's credits, select PC Patient Credit.
  2. Enter the Payment Amount in the Payment field on the appropriate claim line.

Tip: The Pay in Full button may be used to quickly apply the full amount owed on each respective claim line.

Note: To accurately post patient adjustments, the Pay Method selected should be Adjustment Only (if a payment is not also being posted), and the adjustment amount should be entered in the Adjust field. The Adj Reason field is used to reflect the reason (selected from the drop-down menu) for the adjustment. 

  1. Click the Save + Close button to save your work and exit the window.