Log Off All Sessions

Log Off All Sessions is a function that will force OP to close out entirely. Situations where you may have to log off all sessions include:

  • OP freezes
  • Error message loops
  • Cloud printing issues

To log off all sessions, follow the steps below.

  1. Right-click the Parallels (or 2x) icon in your taskbar.

  1. Select Log Off All Sessions if using Windows (or Force Quit if using a Mac).

  • Once selected, the Log Off All Sessions (Windows)/Force Quit (Mac) indication should be grayed out before reconnecting. It may take a few seconds to completely disconnect. You may have to click Log Off All Sessions a second time to successfully end the connection to the Cloud.

  • Disconnecting the Cloud environment (by logging off all sessions) and establishing a new connection will resolve the above mentioned issues in most cases.